AGFLOC, Flocculants, COD Removing agent
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for treatment of industrial water

Water Decoloring Agent
Great decoloring effect
Applied in very low doses
Applied in very low doses
COD Removing & Decoloring Agent
Excellent decoloring effect
Reduce COD
Treated water can be re-use
COD Removing Agent
Reduce COD
AGFLOC (Flocculants)
Water soluble polymer base
Effectively deposit sludge & impurities
Low doses reduce the application cost.
Poly Aluminum Chloride
Heavy Metal Precipitator
It is odorless, very low toxicity towards aquatic and terrestrial organisms
It precipitate monovalent and bivalent metalions, e.g. mercury, cadmium, silver, lead, copper, nickel and tin.
For chemical, metal and mining industries, waste incinerators, coal fired power stations.
Ready to use aqueous solution
Testing of "COD Removing & Decoloring Agent" by South Korean Engineers in India.
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  • Tissue Chemicals
  • Paper Machine Clothing
  • Effluent Treatment Chemicals