AGFLOC, flocculants
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Product Information Sheet


AGFLOC is a water soluble polymer based compound that can effectively deposit sludge and impurities from waste water which can be used for industrial purposes. The main sectors of application are urban sewage treatment, leather, food processing, paper industry, metallurgical, mining, oil and petrochemicals, textiles dyeing, sugar, pulp and all kinds of industrial raw water as well as waste water treatment. It has good cohesive ability and can effectively coagulate the suspended impurities in water in least time as compared to other flocculants. It can be applied in low doses and can sediment the impurities in less resilience time.


AGFLOC, flocculants
AGFLOC reduces the cost of application drastically due to its low dosage level.
AGFLOC reduces energy costs by reducing the use of clarifiers due to its less resilience time.
AGFLOC is available in 4 different grades to suit different pH levels.
AGFLOC can be used over a wide range of pH values.
AGFLOC reduces the use of other additives as it can be applied as a single product, unlike alum where lime needs to be used.
AGFLOC can easily dissociate into ions in less time due to its good ionization potential and thus can effectively coagulate the suspended matter and impurities.

AGFLOC is available in different series and different grades depending upon the pH value and quality of water.

APPLICATION : The area of application should be carefully chosen to produce the best flocculation effect. In case of clarifiers, the speed can be modified depending upon the amount of turbidity. The dosage and feed rate should be determined by lab trial on the basis of the quality of water and the area and the system where application is required.

MATERIAL HANDLING AND SAFETY : The product can be used for edible or drinking water and can be handled in an unit where food or beverage unit is present simultaneously. Gloves should be used while application. Diaphragm pump equipped with Teflon diaphragm and 316 stainless steel, PVC liquid side components is recommended for feeding.

PACKING AND STORAGE : AGFLOC is available in HMHDPE containers of 50 liters and drums of 200 liters. It can stay in stable condition for about 3 months if stored at room temperature and away from heat, light and moisture.

Testing of "COD Removing & Decoloring Agent" by South Korean Engineers in India.
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