Antifoam agents
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FETROL - DF Series

Antifoam Agents

Removes foaming from general wet end part
Production process for liner / corrugate medium system
Production process for newsprint paper
Secondary fiber system
Screen room, Silo, Wire pit, Save all
Wastewater treatment process with lots of miniscule floating substances
Various sewage / wastewater treatment processes
Has outstanding persistancy and is usable in highly closed white water system
Effectively removes surface foaming and entrained air
Does not weaken strength and size of paper
Does not contain oil, amide, silica, silicon oil, etc. that induce pitch trouble
Outstanding performance in a wide range of temperature

Fatty Alcohol based defoamer vs mineral oil based defoamer for papermaking process

Fatty Alcohol based defoamer Mineral Oil based defoamer
Effect of Sizing No Effect Adverse Effect on Sizing
Reduce the Rosin/Alum
Consumption (20-40%)
Increase the Rosin/Alum Consumption
Dehydration Time Reduce the dehydration time Because of the low air in stock Retard the dehydration time Use dehydration facilitator
Oil Spot No Effect Effect
Retention Rate Increase Decrease
Cellulose Recovery Rate Increase Decrease
Antifoamer consumption in Sewage treatment Decrease 20% consumption Increase Antifoamer consumption because of high volume in stock
COD & BOD Decrease Increase
Sheet Quality Increase Decrease
Conditions : paper type 60g/㎡(Coating paper), pH: 6.8 Roll speed : 700m/min

1. Typical Properties

Appearance Milky White Emulsion
Active content(%) 30.0±2.0
Bulk Viscosity(20°C,cps) 200~1,000
Specific gravity(20°C) 0.98±0.02
pH 8.0~11.0
Storage temp.( 20°C) 0~35

2. Packaging

Pails Drums Tote Bins Other sizes
20 kg 200 kg 1,000 kg -

3. Health and Safety

Toxicity, caused by FeTrol products alone and when incorporated into papers and paperboards, has not been reported so far. However, contact with the FeTrol solution should be avoided because of its acidic nature. When exposed to the solutions, wash with fresh water immediately.

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