COD Removing and Decoloring Agent
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COD Removing & DE-Coloring Agent

COD Removing and Decoloring Agent

1. Characteristics

It is a multipurpose wastewater treatment chemical compound treating COD, N-Hexane, ABS (Anion Surfactant), De-coloring etc.
It has excellent COD removing & De-coloring effect and can substancially reduce turbidity.
Very effective in eliminating N-Hexane & ABS (Anion Surfactant)
Can be applied in wide pH range pH 3 – 11
It is a basic pre-treatment chemical covering 50-90% effectiveness.

2. Properties

Appearance Grey or Dark powder
Flash Point Inflammable
Packing 20 Kg paper bag

3. Process Flow

Collection of waste water Add Chemicals (1st Reaction) Add Chemicals (2nd Reaction)
Coagulation Precipitation Discharge

4. Usage

Using together with AI2(SO4)3 or Ferric Salt gives more efficiency.
In order to determine standard dosage, put 2000 ppm (2g/liter of waste water)of Agent together with inorganic flocculant into the test jar containing 1 liter of waste water. However, it is recommended for enough jar test, starting input from 500 ppm onwards until desired result is obtained.
Stir the jar about 30 minutes.
Increase the dose of Agent if it is not enough to produce the desired effect.
If 80-90% of impurities are removed, then the dosage could be considered as standard input ratio.

5. Featured COD Test Results

Item Before Treatment After Normal Treatment After Treatment with our Agent
COD 282 ppm 140 ppm 49.2 ppm
COD 360 ppm 180 ppm 62.4 ppm

6. Application

Waste water of landfill.
Waste water containing Cutting Oil, PCB & Plating Waste
Coating industry, Dye & Pigment, Leather & Food processing waste water.
Waste water containing Hardly decomposing COD
Various industrial waste water
Testing of "COD Removing & Decoloring Agent" by South Korean Engineers in India.
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  • Paper Machine Clothing
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