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Activated Sludge COD Reducing Agent


CODSTAR is a multi-functional biological product, and designed to:
1) improve fundamental processing ability through the invigorated major microorganism, and to
2) improve discharging water quality, and to lead convenient management system.

CODSTAR is consisting of the fast absorbing multi-micronutrient, co-Enzyme which’s essential to the microbial production, and some non toxic and high functional substances.

CODSTAR is not an Oxidizing agent.

Normally we can expect below improvement by applying CODSTAR.

Improving discharging water quality: Significantly reducing BOD/COD level, SS (Suspended Solids), T-N, Colored substances in the water.
Removing filamentous bulking phenomenon and improving the floc. dropping.
Enlarging the processing capacity of waste water treatment system.
Easier to control waste water treatment system.
Stable biological processing especially for the Mild Shock phenomenon from Toxic substances.
Reducing input quantity of other biological products.

Normally, CODSTAR can easily improve the operating condition of waste water treatment system in a couple of days.

Application Outline – Input Dosage

The Input Dosage is depending on the inflow to the aeration, water quality and aeration operating condition. The input rage is around 20~200ppm, but normally 50~100ppm can be the proper dosage. Toxic substances or Microbial Inhibitors in the inflow are the important factor of dosage, so that it should be tested for the decision of proper input dosage.

Example of Input Dosage

If applying CODSTAR with 50ppm in 1,000m3/day inflow to aeration process;

1,000m3/day x 50ppm = 50kg/day of CODSTAR


Lab. Scale Bench Test

Proceed in Batch style.
Sample should be compared between Blank and CODSTAR input with a certain D.O concentration. Check data from input to 2, 4, 12, 24hr and the test result should be determined in 24hr.

Distinction articles

COD or BOD of processed waste water
Shape of microbial floc. and strength
Microbial status
Color of the water T-N & T-P removing effect
N-Hexane removing effect

Factor Control

To apply CODSTAR, it’s recommended to be controlled for the aeration operating condition.

pH at 25℃ : 5. ~ 8.5
Temp ℃ : 15 ~ 40
D.O (mg/l) : 0.5 ~ 2.5

CODSTAR Dilution

CODSTAR is a hydrophilic and easy-soluble solution product, and recommended to 10~20% dilution for the economical usage.

Applicable system of CODSTAR

Activated ( Aerated ) Sludge
Anaerobic Digestion
Other aeration system: RBC, Oxidation Ditch, Tricking Filter
Pure-Oxygen system


Oxidizing substances
Reductive substances
Organic solvent
Strong Acid / Strong Alkali


CODSTAR is a very stable organic compound, and if no pollution from external contacts, it’s stable for over a year from manufacture. Keep in cool and dark place. It can be freezing under -11℃ but it could be usable after unfreezing and have nothing to do with the performance.



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