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DF 1540

Foam Control Agent

Product Description

DF 1540 is a highly concentrated and effective silicone based product designed for use in variety of industrial applications foam control agent. It has found use in paper machines, screen room operations and effluent treatment plant. It is used to water-based industrial processes and effective in concentrations as low as 10-100 ppm. DF 1540 is very stable at high temperatures and used in wide applications.


O/W type silicon emulsion, it has high durability
Easily dispersed water system
FDA authorized components
High effective antifoam I all kinds of foam
Effective in high temperature conditions
Readily disperses in process stream
Effective paper mill antifoam
Effective for numerous process applications

Product Data*

Appearance Milky White Emulsion
Solid Content (%) 40 ± 2
pH (25°C) 6 - 8
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1.01 ± 0.02
Viscosity (cps) 1000 - 5000
Lonic Type Nonionic
*The product properties are not intended as qualify control specifications

Guidelines for Application

DF 1540 can be added neat as received or it can be diluted with water. DF 1540 should be added to the substrate at a suitable point where intimate mixing occurs. Addition levels vary with foaming conditions and the type of process streams being treated. Generally, the range will be between 10 to 100 ppm and continuous feed is necessary for optimum control.

Handling and Safety

DF 1540 is designed to be fed directly from the shipping container. Any suitable high viscosity, positive displacement pump can be used. If any slight separation occurs during storage, the product can be easily mixed using a drum mixer.

Packing and Storage

DF 1540 is available in 1000-liter tote bins and 205-liter capacity drums. Shelf life is six months from the date of manufacturing.

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