Coagulants, Fixing agents, anionic trash catcher
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HiCat Series

Coagulants, Fixing Agents & Anionic Trash Catchers

Many functional materials for paper in acidic and neutral conditions have cationic groups to be retained on pulp. These materials are usually cationic starch, wet strength resins, sizes, size fixators, retention and drainage aids, etc. Anionic trash catchers play the role of colloid chelatents and allow a perfect action of these cationic groups on the fibers, especially in the case of thermo chemical pulps (TMP) where the recirculation of the coated broke causes high concentration of anionic substances.
The purpose of HiCat series is to avoid the cationic functional chemicals like a cationic starch to be caught by the colloids (instead of reacting with the fibers). The addition of a low molecular weight, highly cationic polymer enables the neutralization and blocking of the anionic trash and allows the cationic starch to be fixed onto the fibers. In this way the physical properties of the resultant paper are improved.

In this case, liquid polymers such as HiCat series are the most effective as anionic trash catcher. With HiCat, the fixation of cationic functional polymers is easier on the fiber when the anionic compounds present in the papermaking system. ‘Charge neutralization flocculation’ is basically a special case of the patch-charge model. It can be explained that the electrical charge at the interface will be cancelled out by ion exchange with polycations in stoichiometric proportions, and flocculation comes about by means of Van der Waals forces between uncharged particles. This mechanism is plausible in situations in which a polycationic compound forms a nonionic polyelectrolyte complex with a polyanionic species. Therefore, HiCat series, which has low molecular weight with high ationic charge density, helps to the fast dewatering of water by flocculation through the charge neutralization.

1. Typical Properties

Active content(%) 48.0~52.0
Bulk Viscosity(20°C,cps) 500~1,000
Specific gravity(Ave.) 1.12~1.16
pH 4.0~7.0
Charge density Very high
Storage temp.( 20°C) 0~35
Shelf life(months) 6

2. Packaging

Pails Drums Tote Bins Other sizes
20 kg 200 kg 1,000 kg -

3. Health and Safety

Toxicity caused by HiCat products alone and when incorporated into papers and paperboards, has not been reported so far. However, contact with the HiCat solution should be avoided because of its acidic nature. When exposed to the solutions, wash with fresh water immediately.

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