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AG – OBA (Liquid)

Fluorescent Whitening Agent for Cellulose & Regenerated Cellulosic Fiber


Versatile product for both continuous and exhaust applications


Easy for direct use, no dusting problem
Suitable for continuous application, excellent leveling properties in exhaust application
Suitable in bleaching processes and for incorporation in print paste for white discharge
Versatility in application, less sensitive to variations in dyeing temperatures
Trouble-free application


Liquid, miscible with water in all proportions
Moderate affinity
Very good stability in hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydrosulphite baths
Suitability over wide range of temperature in application
Very good stability to hard water, acid and alkali


Chemistry Stilebene Derivative
Ionic nature Anionic
Appearance Yellow to yellowish brownish liquid
Density at 25 °C 1.19  +/- 0.05 gm/ml
pH of 1% solution in distilled water at 25 °C

9.5  +/- 1.5

Shade Bluish to neutral white.

Types offered


TETRA-SULPHO Wet End / Coating / Size Press
HEXA-SULPHO Coating / Size Press

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